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BCD Travel is a provider of global corporate travel management. The company, headquartered in Utrecht, Netherlands, operates in 109 countries, with US$27.5 billion in total sales 2019 and a combined worldwide workforce of almost 14,900. BCD Travel is part of the BCD Group.

a former travel counselor mentioned "IT WAS A VERY BAD EXPERIENCE WORKING WITH BCD TRAVEL. As I was totally new to the corporate company I fully trusted the company's promises. From day one my aim was to grow in field and work hard for the company, I was in a six month probation period, but I got my confirmation papers till another 18 months which forced me to quit. The job has no security."


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Junior Consultant (Former Employee) says

"It definitely indicate the slow pace of transformation in the private sector and unfortunately white peers even url match them with experience and have a higher education level still get promoted ahead of you and most managers are still racist in travel management company business making companies lost alot of talented people of colour to rival due to institutional racism and low pay offered offepeople of"

Supervisora Administrativa (Former Employee) says

"Péssima e não tem preocupação e transparência com o funcionário somente interessa o contrato com o cliente e não interessa em nada a vida do funcionario Cons: Nao sao eticos e transparente com o funcionário"

Attendee services coordinator (Former Employee) says

"no room for growth, micromanagement, would not pay for continuing education classes or certifications, little to no management communication/interaction"

Senior Travel Consultant (Former Employee) says

"This was a hard company to write a review for. My biggest issue was with management. Employees were not treated fairly there, and this was from top management no my direct manager."

Travel Agent (Current Employee) says

"The attendence policy is joke. The new account they partnered up with, you spent 10 weeks in training and after 2 weeks of being an official employee they let you go by saying they are not busy. Cons: Overall bad company to work for"

Corporate Travel Counselor (Former Employee) says

"awful, fell like a concentration camp , will not recommend my worst enemy to work there. management not helpful at all do not help their agent be better only care about number no incentive for agents at all only management get bonus and they agents nothing poor place to work Cons: awful"

Developer (Former Employee) says

"Management seem to think that the staff are school children and so treat them as such. There is no trust, and managers seem to keep a diary of what time you get into the office, and reprimand you in front of others for being 10 minutes late, even though staff work late most of the time! Cons: Poor prospects, lack of trust from managers"

Finance Analyst (Former Employee) says

"The management staff did not reflect the values of the company and I did not realize that until I actually left the company. No work/life balance and the environment was not geared toward improving the department or the individual. High stress and no compensation. Cons: High turnover in the department"

Travel Councellor (Former Employee) says


Operations Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"BCD treats their employees poorly, I was just a number not a human being. The leadership team from mid level to executive level are disrespectful, unprofessional and hateful to employees and management. I could not work for a company that did not value me and attacked my integrity."

Travel Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Sure, their recruitment process was cool and they really wanted me It looked good on paper but the GLARING issue is what they do NOT tell you!"

Ventas (Former Employee) says

"Tiburones y depredadores. Salario bajo y horario extenso. Nula flexibilidad. Mal ubicado. Posibilidades de compaginar trabajo y maternidad solo cuando a ellos les conviene (es decir, en temporada baja). Posibilidad de promoción escasa. Deshumanizados, eres un número más y no les importa nada la persona. El descanso de 1 hora de comida no se respeta. Trabajo monótono pues los procesos están muy mecanizados. Etapas de estrés en temporada alta que sinceramente no merece la pena por esa salario. Si pueden te la clavan por la espalda y no te das ni cuenta. En fin, no recomiendo a nadie ésta empresa. Cons: Muchos"

Travel counselor (Current Employee) says

"Don't settle for less than 25.00 per hour. It's good pay but you better be ready! I started there at 25 dollars per hour and only got 2 percent raises but that's if they like you. Lots of favoritism those are the ones that advance. Pay and work from home is great just don't get sick dont take of your children even though she was in hospital instead just a F off you don't meet business need. Very hurtful and was there 12 years!!! Cons: Not as flexible as they say. You better not get sick. Dont get FMLA you will be done."

Workforce Analyst (Former Employee) says

"I have worked at some pretty stressful places, but this was the absolute worst. Managers and directors are allowed to have temper tantrums with no one overseeing them to stop that type of diva behavior. HR was completely useless and did nothing. I was salaried, so I would work 12+ hrs a day just to keep my head above water. I cannot stress enough how horrible this place was to work. Cons: The list is too long, but right at the top would be absolutely horrible management staff, no one to keep them inline, so they feel they can act as childish and tempermental as they wish"

Travel Executive (Former Employee) says

"Super high volume and understaffed. Cons: super long hours, must do almost everything"

Travel Consultant (Current Employee) says

"Management is terrible. If you’re not in a high position you get treated like it!!! HR complaints go right back around with no real resolution. Just all around not a good place to work, don’t be fooled by the other revies"

Corporate Travel Consultant (Former Employee) says

"I did a internship program here, didn't really see much room for growth in the amount of time i planned with this company for me to have a college degree versus people in this role with no degree."

Corporate Travel Consultant (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work for me consisted of answering back-to-back complex calls where I had to make several changes to existing reservations for multiple people in 1 call, handling multiple administrative tasks with each call, booking new reservations, providing travel advice, and following up on customer service issues. However, most people in my office only took 1 or 2 calls per day. Some people would only have a call every few days. Cons: Lied about many aspects of the job, unable to use the most desirable benefits like working from home or flight benefits, severely low pay, extremely high workload, favoritism, rude travelers, micromanaging, and much more."

Senior Travel Consultant (Current Employee) says

"I hate the company. Cons: Expensive and restrictive healthcare, useless management, favoritism"

Senior Travel Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Unfair, gossip loving group. Balances work load on agents that are not favorites, while others sit around talking, eating, surfing the web. Don't work here Cons: Unfair management"

Former Employee - Director PMO says

"I worked at BCD Travel full-time for more than 8 years Cons: Raises for promotions capped at 5%, salaries are bad overall. Hard to keep good people. COVID response was awful. Bad communication, terrible treatment of furloughed employees. They sent a docusign that a lot of people didn't even get giving 2 weeks to choose 6 month additional furlough or resignation. Doesn't matter if you told your manager you were choosing resignation. If you didn't sign that docusign exactly in time, you were screwed. Is it even legal to not send a notice via mail of something this big? The company sent mail notifications for every less important message but then just sent a docusign link for this. Many furloughed people lost even more money due to this. The company doesn't care because all they want to do is make money at any cost, and have no respect or consideration for the "non-essential" employees that helped make the company successful pre-covid. It takes many months to get small things done at this company due to processes on top of processes and paperwork. There is no way to be innovative. There is no getting ahead here unless you're friends with the right people. You need to spend more time forming alliances and navigating this overly complicated organization than spend time doing your actual job. Customers suffer, products suffer, innovation suffers."

Former Employee - IT Technical Analyst says

"I worked at BCD Travel full-time for more than 3 years Cons: The manager was extremely bitter, hateful, and acted as if she hated everyone. She frequently referred to team members as "Crack heads". Upper management turned the other cheek and did not address or intervene. It made for an awful work environment."

Former Employee - Analyst says

"I worked at BCD Travel full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Shocking prevalence of mental illness among management No loyalty to employees The attempted normalcy of asinine workplace protocol Cult like atmosphere that demands workers be obsequious robotic lapdogs-this place is akin to the culture of nazi germany where dissent of ANY kind is treated as heresy Paltry pay Annual decreasing health benefits Overwhelming condescension towards employees as a master/slave tactic(doesn't work as turnover is very high) Heavy liberal/left bias"


"I have been working at BCD Travel Cons: They take away benefits every year. The account I was on was managed by ego so favoritism was rampant; good employees left just because management didn’t want to make small accommodations. BCD focuses on negatives and basically tried to intimidate agents into not making mistakes. Worst HR department ever...has the attitude that if you don’t like it, you can leave. Rolled out their own systems that do not work nearly as well as the original systems. Incompetent managers on the account I was on when I left. Every year it the company became more extreme and more negative. Tons of extreme computer problems, for years but too cheap to fix the network or buy decent computers, but expect agents to work around it and keep their numbers up. Nothing about this company is good. They work agents harder and harder while making the environment worse and the money trickles up."


"I worked at BCD Travel Cons: Anyone reading this about to go through the tct training in Atlanta just don’t. Find you a company that respects you enough to hire you for your skills and potential from the beginning. Instead of dragging you along for ten weeks paying you almost nothing just to get rid of you two days before graduation based off the opinion of one bitter negative minded person who doesn’t even know how to teach. Training is just awful we lost more then 50 percent of our training class so don’t expect to make it...unless you’re one of the trainers favorites she definitely has favorites"

Current Employee - Vice President says

"I have been working at BCD Travel full-time for more than 10 years Cons: This company is fast becoming not the best place to work. You say that your weekly survey is a good way to provide feedback but it’s awful and executive leadership proves time and time again to not really care about employees"

Current Employee - Team Lead says

"I have been working at BCD Travel full-time for more than 10 years Cons: Horrible management! Had 14 years under my belt at this company and one day after a new horrible director came aboard from LA decided to let me go. I'm sure it was based on my salary. You were looked down upon if you were ever out sick or for a death in the family....horrible!"

Current Employee - Vice President Operations says

"I have been working at BCD Travel full-time for more than 10 years Cons: Weak senior leadership who no longer care about employees"

Former Employee - Data Entry Clerk says

"I worked at BCD Travel full-time for less than a year Cons: I didn’t even start the job. It is a fraud. They send me a check to buy a equipment and the bank said it was a fraud check. I could’ve gotten so much trouble with my bank. I can’t beleive this company is a scam and don’t fall for it."

Former Employee - Manager says

"I worked at BCD Travel full-time for more than 5 years Cons: They have a focus on hiring and promoting women over men - they even boast about it in Forbes. The result is that men are being fired, not hired and not promoted. Additionally, the salaries are 25 - 50% below what you would get for the same role outside the Travel Industry."

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